Leather Tool Wrap


This leather tool wrap has one row of slots for your tools, riveted at each of the outer pocket corners. A flap of cotton fabric at the top edge stops your tools from sliding out into your bag. The total dimension of the holder is 9″ high by 21″ wide, with the pocket area measuring 4″ x 17″. Holder is tied closed with a doubled up hank of leather lacing. The flap fabrics are chosen from the freshest available patterns from our favorite suppliers but if you’ve seen something you like or have a request for something special please write to us using the contact at inherentvicesquad.com email. Additionally if you need the wrap to be left-hand oriented let us know. This item is usually made to order so please allow two weeks to ship.

In the notes choose black or brown leather and choose your fabric from the images shown:
-Green and Mint floral/wildlife
-Deer and bird on warm floral
-Foxy (large scale)
-Tiger Face
-Black Panther on brown dots
-Shibori Stars on Indigo
-Rabbits on Black
-Hawaiian flowers and birds
-Deer on Coral
-Teal Tigers
-Social Birds
-Panther on Mint Dots
-Jaguars on Red
-Kitty Faces on Pink
-Mod Birds
-Blue and Red Fans
-Red Fans
-Resting Foxes
-Cherry Blossoms on Indigo
-Cactus Owls on Blue
-Cactus Owls on Pink
-Blue and Yellow Birds on Natural Linen