AIC 2024 and updates

Hello, everyone! Yes, Inherent Vice Squad is still running. I had to skip AIC again this year because I just couldn’t get it together to hand-make enough things to fill a booth. If you read my previous post you know that I was seeking out mentoring and I did find quality help in that regard. […]

2023/2024 Update

Hello everyone, Just want to acknowledge that I need to close most of the shop until 2024. I’m hoping I can make a page of things that are already made and ready to ship. After doing my taxes for 2022 where I had the booth at AIC Los Angeles it has become clear that it […]

AIC 2023 Update

As you can see I had to make the decision not to attend AIC this year. If it had just been one thing I could have managed but there were multiple factors and whatever reason you think it might be I’m sure you’re right. It’s that, it’s all the reasons. But here are a few. […]