AIC 2023 Update

As you can see I had to make the decision not to attend AIC this year. If it had just been one thing I could have managed but there were multiple factors and whatever reason you think it might be I’m sure you’re right. It’s that, it’s all the reasons. But here are a few. For one thing over the last three years a shocking number of suppliers I’ve been using either closed down completely, reduced their selection, or raised prices. I can adjust prices but there are some things I can no longer get at the same quality, or at all. So when I get the website back up to date you’ll see a limited selection and yes, price adjustments. If you find you can’t order just send an email to and I’ll let you know what can be done. It’s never been about the money but for tax purposes the business has to meet certain criteria to not be flagged as a hobby.

Another reason has been health. End of October 2022 my son went on a trip and came home with Covid so the whole household was sick for most of November. Ordinarily November is when I start getting ready for my AIC booth but to be honest I’ve only just recently felt well enough to get back to work in this way. Being away from the work for so long caused me to lose my confidence so I kept the store mostly off-line and had to ask customers to give me time. It hasn’t felt great. I did think maybe this was the end, but I feel better. I just need to reassess what is possible going forward.

As for traveling I might not be able to do that anymore either, again, for multiple reasons. I’m considering only taking the booth within the time zone. It’s very difficult and at this time I am only one person. My life circumstances have changed and I don’t have the help I used to have.

I hope those of you who attend this meeting have a great time. I don’t know about Salt Lake yet but if I don’t go I’ll send treats of some sort for the tote bag.

At this time I will continue to offer: lab coats, aprons, smocks, fabric and leather tool wraps, bunny and pom weights, and swab jars. I took up wheel throwing as my pandemic skill so there may be pottery on offer soon.

Okay, that’s the long and short of it. Thank you for reading this far. I’m still here and I expect as long as people are seeking me out the products will continue to be made. It just may finally be fully custom as opposed to pre-making enough to stock a booth.

My very best wishes to all of you,