First, I know this doesn’t get updated EVER. I get emails all the time that ask if the store is still active. Some of you look at the scripts and tell me they’re out of date and because I don’t know what that means I have to ask my web guy and he does something, I have no idea. But yes, the store is still active. I do QUITE FORTUNATELY have a day job so I mostly do my work for Inherent Vice Squad on the weekends. However, it is necessary to be flexible because occasionally over this time of shut down I’ve found I have been unable to get even the most basic supplies – I’m talking about things like grey Gutermann thread that Joanne’s should have but didn’t. I updated the patterned bias tapes for lab coats so they are only the ones I have available because my original source stopped selling to the U.S. The other problem, of course, is the post office. I have had good luck but I know it’s something we have to watch, especially until November. It could be unpredictable. I take my packages to the airport post office in San Francisco which is a distribution center and I hope that’s part of the good luck, at least on this end. My beef right now is with UPS who have lost two packages in only 3 weeks and they are impossible to reckon with. All this is to say, please let me know how I can help you get what you want. It might take a little while. I’m in California and sometimes lately the smoke is so thick, or the sky so orange, no work will get done at that moment. But we keep moving along and a new day will come.