AIC 2024 and updates

Hello, everyone! Yes, Inherent Vice Squad is still running. I had to skip AIC again this year because I just couldn’t get it together to hand-make enough things to fill a booth. If you read my previous post you know that I was seeking out mentoring and I did find quality help in that regard. I’m working to enact improvements in the way I work and I hope to have the website up again very soon. In the meantime if you want anything not accessible on the website, which would be most things, you can email me. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are having a fabulous time in SLC! My best regards, Angie

2023/2024 Update

Hello everyone,

Just want to acknowledge that I need to close most of the shop until 2024. I’m hoping I can make a page of things that are already made and ready to ship. After doing my taxes for 2022 where I had the booth at AIC Los Angeles it has become clear that it loses a lot of money. And this was in California, just a half a days drive. So the plan going forward is to make the online shop more of a What’s-Ready instead of so much customization and offer discounts during AIC. Lab coats might be sourced out and the colors will be reduced. I hope to keep the business going for as long as people want it but until I have more help or can become a better business person I need to rethink how this can work. If anyone has any advice on good online courses or coaches/consultants they have personal experience with please let me know. When we started this in 2009 we had no idea what would happen – and this is good! – but moving forward requires an actual business plan. So it’s time to get smarter and I welcome any advice.

AIC 2023 Update

As you can see I had to make the decision not to attend AIC this year. If it had just been one thing I could have managed but there were multiple factors and whatever reason you think it might be I’m sure you’re right. It’s that, it’s all the reasons. But here are a few. For one thing over the last three years a shocking number of suppliers I’ve been using either closed down completely, reduced their selection, or raised prices. I can adjust prices but there are some things I can no longer get at the same quality, or at all. So when I get the website back up to date you’ll see a limited selection and yes, price adjustments. If you find you can’t order just send an email to and I’ll let you know what can be done. It’s never been about the money but for tax purposes the business has to meet certain criteria to not be flagged as a hobby.

Another reason has been health. End of October 2022 my son went on a trip and came home with Covid so the whole household was sick for most of November. Ordinarily November is when I start getting ready for my AIC booth but to be honest I’ve only just recently felt well enough to get back to work in this way. Being away from the work for so long caused me to lose my confidence so I kept the store mostly off-line and had to ask customers to give me time. It hasn’t felt great. I did think maybe this was the end, but I feel better. I just need to reassess what is possible going forward.

As for traveling I might not be able to do that anymore either, again, for multiple reasons. I’m considering only taking the booth within the time zone. It’s very difficult and at this time I am only one person. My life circumstances have changed and I don’t have the help I used to have.

I hope those of you who attend this meeting have a great time. I don’t know about Salt Lake yet but if I don’t go I’ll send treats of some sort for the tote bag.

At this time I will continue to offer: lab coats, aprons, smocks, fabric and leather tool wraps, bunny and pom weights, and swab jars. I took up wheel throwing as my pandemic skill so there may be pottery on offer soon.

Okay, that’s the long and short of it. Thank you for reading this far. I’m still here and I expect as long as people are seeking me out the products will continue to be made. It just may finally be fully custom as opposed to pre-making enough to stock a booth.

My very best wishes to all of you,



First, I know this doesn’t get updated EVER. I get emails all the time that ask if the store is still active. Some of you look at the scripts and tell me they’re out of date and because I don’t know what that means I have to ask my web guy and he does something, I have no idea. But yes, the store is still active. I do QUITE FORTUNATELY have a day job so I mostly do my work for Inherent Vice Squad on the weekends. However, it is necessary to be flexible because occasionally over this time of shut down I’ve found I have been unable to get even the most basic supplies – I’m talking about things like grey Gutermann thread that Joanne’s should have but didn’t. I updated the patterned bias tapes for lab coats so they are only the ones I have available because my original source stopped selling to the U.S. The other problem, of course, is the post office. I have had good luck but I know it’s something we have to watch, especially until November. It could be unpredictable. I take my packages to the airport post office in San Francisco which is a distribution center and I hope that’s part of the good luck, at least on this end. My beef right now is with UPS who have lost two packages in only 3 weeks and they are impossible to reckon with. All this is to say, please let me know how I can help you get what you want. It might take a little while. I’m in California and sometimes lately the smoke is so thick, or the sky so orange, no work will get done at that moment. But we keep moving along and a new day will come.

AIC Production Begins

Hi, All,

The season has begun for me to be working in earnest to stock the booth at AIC Houston.  So in addition to any orders that come in I need to be working hard to get ready.  There’s currently a full load of orders on my table and I just want to let people know that the estimated ship times for anything not already in stock will be a minimum of two weeks but at this point could be three.  I do have some lab coats and fabric tool wraps ready to go and I will be working on getting pictures of those up shortly.  Thanks for your patience and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

December 2017

Hi, All,

New orders will be processed the weekend of the 16th and mailed the week of the 18th.  There are some tool wraps and lab coats that are ready to ship – a list will be posted this weekend or you may inquire.  Thanks!


Inherent Vice Squad is moving studio and will be out of service until November 1. Any orders that have already been discussed or are in progress will not be affected. If you need something right away you may write to the contact at inherentvicesquad dot com email and inquire about what is in stock and ready to ship. Apologies for the inconvenience, the time is now for mono-tasking.

AIC/CAC Montreal 2016

Hi, everyone,

Due to the complicated logistics and high cost of crossing the border with goods Inherent Vice Squad will not have a booth at this year’s AIC meeting in Montreal.  However, if you would like to order something that I can bring for you in my suitcase send an email to the contact at inherentvicesquad email and we can talk about it.

We will have a booth later this year at The Guild of Book Workers annual meeting, Standards of Excellence, September 15-17, in Charleston, South Carolina.