2023/2024 Update

Hello everyone,

Just want to acknowledge that I need to close most of the shop until 2024. I’m hoping I can make a page of things that are already made and ready to ship. After doing my taxes for 2022 where I had the booth at AIC Los Angeles it has become clear that it loses a lot of money. And this was in California, just a half a days drive. So the plan going forward is to make the online shop more of a What’s-Ready instead of so much customization and offer discounts during AIC. Lab coats might be sourced out and the colors will be reduced. I hope to keep the business going for as long as people want it but until I have more help or can become a better business person I need to rethink how this can work. If anyone has any advice on good online courses or coaches/consultants they have personal experience with please let me know. When we started this in 2009 we had no idea what would happen – and this is good! – but moving forward requires an actual business plan. So it’s time to get smarter and I welcome any advice.